A record $45,000 was raised at our Christmas Bazaar!  Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a success!
We are accepting registrations for the 2018-2019 school year! Please contact us to book a tour.
Congratulations to the members of our Cross Country Team for winning the district championship! Way to go, Bolts!
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Our Governance

At BCS we are governed by a Board of Directors. This Board is elected by the membership to carry out the mandate of the members in the context of our constitution, bylaws, and policies. The Board seeks the advice of the different committess, as listed below.

The Education Committee
oversees the educational programs of the school.

The Sustainability Committee
oversees, with the Board, the implementation of a long range plan for the school, addressing its purpose, long-term objectives, infrastructure requirements, community and financial resources and accountability. Also oversees, with the support of the community, plans for the expansion of the school.

The Finance Committee

is responsible for supervising the financial operation of the school.

The Property Management Committee
looks after the maintenance of the school and property and suggests building improvements.

The Community Relations Committee

promotes the school and its programs and introduces the school to interested families.

The Fundraising Committee

plans and supervises various fundraising projects throughout the year.